Monday, February 14, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn! Day Eighteen: Full Disclosure.

Everything is moving along in Phase Two!

The Goal:  Turn what was once my office into our bedroom, and then turn what was once our bedroom into a guest room.

If That Is Confusing: You can consult the Before & After Floor Plans here...

However, things would be moving along at a slightly faster clip if I had done more work this weekend. Instead, I was lured to the Whitney Museum by Justin-- promises of an Edward Hopper exhibit made the invitation impossible to refuse. And then it seemed inconceivable to part ways without a glass of wine on the Upper East Side... And so, I didn't actually start working on removing the platform until around 1:00 on Sunday afternoon. (Sorry Mummy.)

Here's where we are so far...

                                  Sunday Afternoon: Approx. 1:00                                   
               Sunday Afternoon: Approx. 2:00 - Storage Loft Cleared                   
I'm sure some of you are wondering why on earth we'd remove this precious gift of storage space when we were so lucky to have it to begin with. There is rhyme to my reason... The loft itself does provide a good deal of storage, but the real issue is with the little 24" wall that supports the loft. It juts into the room just enough to make it almost impossible to put a full-sized bed in the room, or certainly impossible to put it anywhere nice. 

Also, as it turns out,  I am a bit of a hoarder. I don't know how this happened because my mom is a stealth organizer and has a place for everything and everything in its place, but deep inside I desire to keep everything "just in case", and having that storage loft was only aiding the habit. It was actually slightly therapeutic to sift through everything up there and make a mountain of stuff to be sent to Salvation Army.*

I assure you, once we get our bedroom set up in there, it will become more apparent that this was actually an act of aesthetic genius and not an urban sacrilege.

*FYI. If you live in Williamsburg, Salvation Army is about to hit the mother-load, so you should swing by this coming weekend to see what diamonds I have dropped off.

       Sunday Afternoon: Approx. 3:30- Loft and Support Wall Removed

We will continue with additional progress reports as 
the count down counts down!

2 Days Left! 


  1. Link to "Before" floor plan does not work.

  2. The "Before" floor plan should be working now... Thanks for the heads up!