Sunday, February 27, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn! Day Twenty-Three: Back To The Grind.

Alrighty. We're back to work in Brooklyn. After an immensely stressful but successful week of work, we're ready to get back to working on the apartment. I have vowed to make headway on reupholstering the chair today and John is going to tackle a bunch of little odds and ends that need doing. (I'd love to say that I will "finish the chair!" but it's such a bummer not to achieve one's goal, so I'm setting my sights low. It's an optimistic morning in the Salway-Moskowitz household...)

John is going to take care of a bunch of little things that remain undone... We're installing a new fan in the kitchen and then moving the old kitchen fan into the living room, over my desk area. This is because the new fan we have (salvaged from a professional project I was working on) is bigger and brighter than the fan we've got in the kitchen now.

Although it's a pain in the neck, it will be better to have the brightest fan in the kitchen so we don't slowly go blind chopping onions in the dim light of our old fan. Pictured above is our current kitchen light, and at right, the new fan. We're stoked. Doing the fan swap is doubly exciting because it will also bring another overhead light (however dim) into the office area where there is currently none. I joke that John's declining eye-sight stems from the fact that all of our overhead fixtures are fans instead of lights, so every room is in a perpetual state of "mood-lighting". Great for ambiance, but god forbid you try to read a book.

There is also this really ugly light switch in our bedroom that he's going to swap out for something less glaring. I mean look at that thing! (Pictured left.) It is massive, "ecru", dinged up and dingy. It's got to go. It is these little (aka. annoying) details that can really suck the energy out of a project. You know- when you're painting a room or tearing down a wall- you get such a tangible feeling of change, truly visible results. But these little details kind of separate the boys from the men, so to speak. It is that whole "Doing it right or just getting it done" philosophy that comes up time and again in home design projects.

               Onward we march!


  1. Let's see that chair!

  2. Hi Zinniagirl,

    We just posted the latest pictures of the chair now that it is finally finished. Let us know what you think!

    Thanks again,