Thursday, March 10, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn! Happy Anniversary After-Dinner Design!


I have just realized that we've officially been whittling away at our After-Dinner Design project for two straight months! I thought I would do a little photo-montage to show how far we've come in the last sixty days. When I put it that way, I can't believe how much we've already accomplished, considering we're doing almost all of the work after dinner each night, from 8:00-midnight. And not one complaint from a neighbor yet! (Hopefully, that won't jinx us!!)

So hang onto your hats, and take a look at these photos! 
Tomorrow we'll get back to work, and next week- we're going to start in on the kitchen ceiling... (Pray for us.)

Look at these two photos above! Remember when that door was there, and the living room looked like this! Holy smokes! I'm so glad the living room isn't tiny and blue anymore. That photo is almost misleading-- the room was literally so narrow we couldn't put a coffee table in it. 

And then remember these much disputed closet doors? With all of that gunk stored up above? I don't miss all of that one bit either... 

And here's this person again.. the eternally-enthusiastic house painter!

Ah yes-- the story of the ridiculous lamp shade light fixture! Another success story! And then the painting of the living room. That was such a welcome change! 

And then it was like this... 

And then this...

And then this...! So happy that green love-seat isn't in the living room anymore! 

And how the living room looks today! We are beyond pleased with the outcome! 

And not to be forgotten-- the reorganization of the two horrible closets. My little desk has been working out aces, and John's tool chest has literally changed our lives. It is remarkable what a difference it makes when you actually know where everything is when you're working on a project. Talk about a transformation! 

And then there is our new bedroom! Also a great success... Starting with the chaos shown above, we slowly chipped away at it, removing the overhead storage loft, repainting the walls, and moving our bedroom furniture in. Every morning, it's a pleasure to wake up in there. 

And of course, who can forget the reupholstered street-find chair? That was a close-call- that nearly pushed me into early retirement. 


And then the floor! I'm so thrilled with how that project worked out! It really transformed the living room for about $50.00 in paint, and an evening worth of work. If I had known-- I would have done it ages ago!


So... that's where we stand at this point. 
Not too shabby for a late-night construction project. 
Onward and upward! 


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