Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn! Day Thirty-Three: Are You DYING To Know???

John and I just had the marvelous opportunity to buy a beautiful piece of artwork. What made this such incredibly good fortune is that I have long loved this painting from a-far and through a topsy-turvy twist of events, had the rare chance to purchase the painting directly from the painter herself. To now be the proud custodian of this piece is a role I never thought I would have, and I couldn't be more pleased. These chances come along almost once in a lifetime, and sometimes you've just got to spring or you'll regret it for the rest of your days.

Without further ado--- the guest of honor:

After I hung the painting this afternoon, I actually just sat in our living room and absorbed it sitting there on my familiar wall, in my familiar room. The dog seemed a little perplexed by this behavior, but I was sincerely transfixed. It has this peculiar, calming, quieting, cooling effect on me, like it is somewhere I have been before, and to just be with it made me feel enormously privileged. I hope this painting hangs above my sofa for years to come, and brings this same uncanny sense of calm to everyone who encounters it. What truly wonderful luck!

Check back tomorrow to see where the other "over-the-sofa" art work is headed... 
I've got a plan! 

*Apologies for the lack-luster photography- it really doesn't do the painting or the room any justice. I will ask John to snap off some more this evening...


  1. But....but....who is it by?

  2. The painter is named Marion G. Miller, though I have been introduced to her as Bonnie. She is a marvelously talented artist who shows frequently in New York, and also currently teaches at Mount Holyoke College in the Pioneer Valley.

  3. Wow! What an amazing painting. Who's the painter and how did you come to get the painting?? It's really beautiful.