Saturday, April 16, 2011

Renovate Massachusetts? Having A Martha Moment...

John and I are spending the weekend up near Boston, celebrating Passover with John's immediate and extended family in Lexington, Massachusetts. In a fit of over-zealous, Martha-Stewart-esque-ness, I decided to make (twenty-five) tiny table decorations to bring along for the Seder dinner.

I bumped into this article in Good Housekeeping (yes- I was reading Good Housekeeping... Don't ask.) However, I cannot find the article on their website, so I snapped a photo of the original, pictured at left.

It was a really cute idea, but while I was making them, I felt a little like a Stepford Wife, which is an unlikely/undesirable role for a twenty-eight year old in Brooklyn.

What You'll Need: 
*25- Little Terra Cotta Pots
*25- Little Parsley Plants (I actually bought 6 biggish plants of parsley and then split them up to keep the cost down, but either way would work)
*25- Little Plastic Planter Tags (which I am writing each guest's name onto...)
*Maybe a little extra soil, but I didn't need any because I bought the bigger plants.
*Patience and a little psychosis. 

I'll post the photos of the set table on Tuesday morning, but thought all of you who will be celebrating Passover on Monday evening might want the heads up on this idea before Passover in case you want to jump on the D-I-Y band wagon. 

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  1. Its very beautiful plants . amazing this post i love it