Thursday, May 5, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn! Day Thirty-Five: A Sneak Peek...

I promise to follow up with more detailed photographs tomorrow, but thought a little sneak peak to whet the palette might be nice. A keen eye might notice the new orange-patterned pillows (thanks to Mummy's diligent handiwork!) as well as a glorious new addition to the living room... What is it?

A dashing new oriental rug!
(Don't forget to notice the pillows, or Mummy will be miffed!)

I mean seriously! Look at that rug! Where did it come from, you ask? 
You'll have to tune in tomorrow to get the whole scoop! 
Are you riveted with suspense???

Ps. Did anyone make hamburgers tonight? I want details!! 


  1. found your blog via brooklyn limestone, count me in as officially living vicariously through you...
    so YES I do await the tale of the Oriental Rug, bring it!

    Caroline (a stone's throw away here on Lawng Island!)

  2. The pillows are charming (go, Lynda!), but in my view the rug really makes the room. So yes, tell us where it came from!

  3. Take a look at the latest post to read all about the new rug! We're thrilled to have it!

    John & Christina