Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Renovate Fox Ridge! Victory: Signs of Life!

We're back on task here people, after another idyllic weekend up at Fox Ridge. I confess that John and I did not start the kitchen-ceiling-smack-down yesterday, because it was our 2nd Wedding Anniversary (which I think is a pretty decent excuse for a little more procrastination) but today is the day, I hope, so I may have more exciting results to report later in the week. I think we're both filled with a little dread-anticipation: We're positive it is going to look awesome once we're finished, but things have been so nice and clean and normal in our house since we finished the living room renovation.
Oh well-- jump right in- right?!? 

In the interim, I thought I'd also include a couple of snap-shots of the action breaking out in our little green house. We have our first signs of life, and I'm beyond excited. Home-grown radishes, here we come! We also had the smallest specks of arugula sprouts coming up too, but they were magnifying glass worthy, so I'll check back in on them next weekend...

Look us! Little Amateur Farmers! 

Does it count as Farm-To-Table if you just put it directly into your mouth instead? 


  1. Congrats on ur 2 yr anniversary!!! My hub and I just celebrated our 2nd on May 6th. The radish pics r soo cute. I planted a few veggies, didn't label them now have no idea what they are when they started to pop up ... discovered some carrots (forgot I had planted those) :)

  2. Thanks Ada! We're so excited to see how things have been growing-along while we've been in the city this week. I have high hopes for the arugula, but it's really the green beans I'm waiting on... Everyone says they're a cinch to grow, but I've had no luck so far.

    We'll keep you posted!