Saturday, May 28, 2011

Up at Fox Ridge: Beans, Beans, Beans!

Last year, I attempted to grow green beans in our garden, to no avail. I even asked my local garden nursery if they sold green beans in little pots (because my seeds were such a flop), and the guy looked at me like I had a lobster for a face. "Why would I sell green beans? People just grow those from seeds since they're so easy to grow." I had to resist sticking my tongue out at him. So this year, when I decided to give the beans another shot, I wasn't exactly optimistic.

But lo! YES, LO! 

The beans are flowing bountifully out in the green house, and if they keep growing at this pace, we're gonna be up to our eye-balls in them this summer. Green bean salad, green bean pesto, pickled green beans, green bean casserole? (I actually have no idea how to make pickled green beans or green-bean casserole, but I'm open to both and Julia swears that pickled green beans are delicious...) I'm feeling much more confident that this crop is going to come in this year!

It's a veritable jungle in there right now, with radish and beans sprouting up all over the place, and little signs of arugula and carrots slowly making their presence known. Hopefully, we'll be able to construct a whole salad in the next couple of weeks. 

Until then... We'll just have to rely on the grocery store.

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