Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yippee! We've been featured on Apartment Therapy's "RE-NEST"!

More Super News On The Home Front! 

Apartment Therapy's "Re-Nest" just picked up our Greenhouse Project, and included it in today's "Small Cool Book". I am beyond stoked to be a part of the Re-Nest Website-- they focus primarily on great green-oriented home design, or Abundant Design for Green Homes as they put it, which is seriously up my alley!

Be sure to zoom over there and take a look... and let them know you're coming from here!

While you're there, you might notice a particularly enthusiastic comment, posted shortly after I posted a comment including a link to the latest and greatest greenhouse photos. In a pretty embarrassing twist-of-events, a friend of mine went onto the computer after I had posted that initial comment, read all about the greenhouse, and felt inspired to post a comment of her own, not knowing that it would show up under my name. AWWW-KKWARDD. So... although I would very much like to think of the greenhouse as "inspirational" it was not I who said as much, though I think it's awesome that she felt that way...  In any event, please feel free to click the "Post A Comment" link on the Re-Nest site and write lots of new comments so I don't look like a crazy person, singing her own praises to the people of Re-Nest. Whoops! 

I'll be posting again tomorrow to show off my 
next exciting D-I-Y project, so stay tuned! 


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