Sunday, September 11, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn! New-To-Me Danish Modern Desk!

Whoa-nelly! You're not going to believe this, but an incredible friend just bequeathed me the most remarkable teak secretary desk. It's svelte, it's graceful, it's practical. It's everything I'm not. Ha! 

No seriously, this is one hot desk. Take a look.   : )


That stunner of a desk is now perching lithely in my kitchen, with my recently reupholstered desk chair rolled right up, and they're looking like peas-in-a-pod.

And all of that for a grand total of $20.00! 
($5.00 chair, $15.00 fabric, $0.00 gorgeous desk!)



  1. Wow I'm jealous! Very Awesome

  2. I know, right!? We were so excited about it too. We couldn't believe our good luck!

    Thanks for reading!