Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some truly delicious photos from Paris!

I know this isn't really related to interior design or home improvement per se, but I came home from the market this morning with such a beautiful bounty, I had to post a couple of photographs... They're so tempting looking, I wondered if it wouldn't work to frame the photos and hang them up in our kitchen... Talk about an affordable souvenir!

I guess I could use this moment to emphasize what a terrific "accent" a big bowl of fruit or vegetables can be in your kitchen. They can introduce a bright splash of color into the room, and encourage healthy eating to-boot. Talk about multi-purpose! Check out these images from these interior design big-wigs and you'll see what I mean...

More apples! 

Yow! Apples AND grapes! AND they sprang for bread in this one...

Just so we're clear, I AM NOT suggesting you decorate your kitchen with loaves of bread or menacing looking bread knives, but there is no reason why you can't find design-inspiration in beautiful things from unexpected places. And the real perk of all this gorgeous fruit: pile it all up in a bowl on your counter, and then you'll get to enjoy how it looks while you're also enjoying how it tastes.  

Au revoir from Paris! 
Check back soon for more news from here!

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