Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back-to-Back Delicious Sounding Morning...

Mmmmm.... After reading this article in this morning's New York Times, I was feeling in a whir of francophilia. Imagine my delight when I spied the photograph at left, and eagerly clicked over to see what went into the recipe for "Friseé Salad with Bloomed Mustard Seed & Mustard Oil".

I definitely do not have mustard seeds (bloomed or otherwise) in my pantry, nor do I have mustard oil, but the prospect of a salad that was an acceptable side dish to a hearty slice of pat√© has sufficiently convinced me that I am going to pick up ALL THREE of those ingredients on my next trip to the grocery store... Mmmmm.... Good morning! 

As a culinary side note, John and I finally had the pleasure of eating our very-slow-cooked pulled pork last night. As promised, it was paired up with the red-cabbage-slaw, the roasted cuban style sweet potatoes, and a light dose of guacamole, all heaped into a warmed tortilla, rolled up, and devoured. I'm going to be honest-- we were FLOORED by this meal. I'm saying FLOORED. Literally, neither of us had eaten anything like this before, so interesting or so GOOD. Like-- not in a restaurant or at home.

Make this meal... it alone is worth buying a slow-cooker to make it. Since I have to give this slow-cooker back to Mary, I'm going to have to buy my own slow cooker now. Or pretend I don't know Mary and stop answering her calls... : )


  1. Yummy Food and that's good look.

  2. Thanks Pink Lotus! You've got to try out the recipe. We tried another "slow cooking" recipe this past weekend-- 11 Hour Short Ribs! Another hit.
    I think we're sold on this slow-cooker idea!