Saturday, December 24, 2011

Arts & Crafts at Fox Ridge!

A few weekends ago, Mary, Julia, Esha, and I built a couple of gingerbread houses... and I just finished one more tonight, thus officially making it a gingerbread village.

Check out Mary's gingerbread manger (pictured below). She was having a little issue getting the wall to stay-put, and with a twist of innovation, transformed her gingerbread house into a manger, complete with three candy-cane kings, a gum drop Mary & Joseph, and a candy-cane cradle. Very festive! Check out this link to see lots of other, very funny, much more impressive gingerbread houses. They put us to shame!!!

Despite our rather less ambitious designs, I can't say enough about using a glue gun when building gingerbread houses. I'm pretty sure this qualifies as cheating, but having just built a third house, sans glue gun, I can attest to the undebatable benefits of using one. Take note for next year people!

*Please take note of my silly action-face while building my most recent gingerbread house... Evidently I was deep in ginger-bread-building-thoughts! For all of you who have had just about enough of my christmas decorations, you'll be pleased to hear that I will be back in action tomorrow, with a new D-I-Y project that Mummy and I are planning to tackle. Check back tomorrow to see how that adventure unfolds! 

Merry Christmas everybody! 

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