Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Did I already tell you about this? RUN!

WARNING: If you don't want to get caught up in 
an expensive trap of delicious smells, 
do not read this posting. 

One of perils of working with my clients is that every once in a while, you bump into something they have that you want. Most of the time, reality keeps those hankerings in check (no amount of yearning is going to buy me a $2,000.00 Mitchell Gold sofa...) but sometimes, sense and cents get the better of me and I end up ensnared in a web of luxury that's totally inappropriate to my income. 

William also has no remorse about this splurge purchase. 
Most recently, it was Jonathan Adler's Orange Mystique Duvet & Shams, which I first bought for a client's daughter's room, and then fell so in love with, I bought them for myself (on sale, with the designer discount...) That said, I was thrilled with it as soon as I bought it, and have surprisingly little buyer's remorse considering the price tag. I'm still fighting off the temptation to buy his Blue Syrie Bedding, which was also purchased for the same daughter. The blues are perfect for our apartment, and when you see this stuff in person, it can just throw your self-control right out the window. 

However, this is not the trap I was referring to at the beginning of this posting. I'm giving you one more chance not to read this before I go on... I don't want you caught in the same vicious, delicious smelling web that I am in... 

This stuff is the crack of hand soap. Why, you ask? I have no idea. I didn't even know what a neroli was, I had to look it up. Evidently, it's some kind of fancy-pants bitter orange. BUT, there is something about this soap-- once you use it, there is no going back. I now have four friends hooked on the junk from using it in my bathroom. I got hooked using it in another client's house. Two visits and I was a goner. I headed to her local grocery and picked up a baker's dozen. A male friend of mine was over last week, came out of the bathroom, sat down next to John and actually complimented John on how good he smelled... Until they realized it was their hands that smelled so intoxicating! (This was also a very strange conversation to witness, mind you. There was a lot of smelling of arm pits and body parts before the hands were isolated as the source.)  

I'm not kidding around here people. Once you buy this soap, you'll find yourself coming up with new and creative reasons to wash your hands. Opened a door today? Wash 'em? Woke up today? Wash 'em. Listening to the radio? Wash 'em! God forbid you put this at your kitchen sink and you'll be through it in a weekend. I just looked on the Caldrea website to give you the link above, and now I think I'm going to buy the Sea Salt & Neroli dish soap. I didn't even know that EXISTED! I'm done for. 

Get out while you still can! 

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