Monday, January 2, 2012

Wow, Wow, Wow: Big Movements in Brooklyn!

It's only been four days since my last post-- but so much has happened since then: 

1.) It's a whole new year! (Wooooooo 2012!!!! Happy New Year Everyone!) 

2.) John turned thirty (Woooooooo Happy Birthday John!!!!) 

3.) Julia and I have tested our respective parmesan soup recipes, and concluded that both of our recipes, while delicious, were slightly flawed. I will include her (now revised) recipe in the next posting, and will also highlight the changes to my recipe in my previous posting on parmesan broth soup.

4.) Somehow in the middle of all that, I also managed to con John into painting the bathroom. Not on his birthday mind you. I'm not completely heartless. : ) The bathroom was just not doin' it for me. Although I was completely in love with the color, Healing Aloe paint (Benjamin Moore 1562) it just didn't POP enough-- it didn't have enough contrast against the flecked-white wall tiles we're stuck with (yay- rental!) BUT! I also didn't want to make it too dark or too colorful in there, since it has a lovely sort of spa-like quality with all of those mirrors and the chandelier.

After brief contemplation, I opted for Benjamin Moore's aptly-named Quiet Moments (1563), just one shade darker than the Healing Aloe, but with just the right amount of definition to stand out in the bathroom. It is still a beautiful glassy green-blue-grey, but just slightly more saturated in color. Perfect! (It should be noted, another major perk to choosing a color one-shade-darker is that the towels and bath mats still work perfectly, so the bathroom got a noticeable face lift without spending a noticeable amount of money. Perfect X 2!) 

Not bad for four days, right? I'm impressed. (And slightly astonished, to be honest.) 
Off to a good start in 2012! Onward and upward! 

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