Sunday, February 26, 2012

One step closer!

Okay folks-- we're about to tuck off to bed-- but I wanted to show off some of our results! The saga of the bathroom renovation continues, and we still have a long way to go until we can cross this off our to-do list, but this weekend we've done most of the floor (still a couple of touch-ups left to do next weekend), installed the new marble saddle, re-hung the door, and got the baseboards primed and installed. To be honest, I'm astounded we got so much finished in just two days. We're exhausted. Totally beat.

For next weekend:

★ Paint the walls and trim
★ Install new towel bars and a toilet roll holder

We've also got to decide if we're going to keep the beige towels I just bought at TJMaxx (shown in the photo at right...) Please forgive that they still have the price tags on... How gauche! I'm just not completely sold on them yet. (I put the cart a little before the horse there, and chose towels to match the bathroom rug before I chose wall paint, so we'll have to see how they look once I figure out the color scheme for the whole room. This is not a method I usually recommend, but I've got an optimistic feeling we're going to get good results...)

Check back soon to see what mischief we get up to during the week... 

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