Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Words of Encouragement...

So as to not rue the day I had this bright idea, I decided to look up some encouraging photographs of other vintage-style bathrooms, beautifully tiled with similar white hexagonal tile. Let's all look at these images, breathe deeply, and try not to picture the hole in my kitchen ceiling... 

Albeit, this is a little more airy and light-filled (slash GIGANTIC) in comparison to our bathroom,
but they also have a lovely hexagonal tile floor. Maybe that's where the similarities end. 
Sadly, no amount of new tile will install a claw-foot tub in our bathroom. But this is a fine lookin' floor. 
Minus the dark border, this is probably the most accurate portrayal of what our bathroom floor will look like once all is said and done.

Not to brag, but we also saw our exact same white hexagonal floor tile in the bathrooms at Minetta Tavern last night, which was an encouraging sight. Minetta Tavern, for those who aren't familiar, is a super swank little restaurant in Greenwich Village that John and I tried last night. (Awesome, by the way...) We decided to treat ourselves to a special night out because it was our 10th Anniversary! 

Now, for a little more yoga breathing and we'll get through the next couple of weekends! 

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  1. Love the tiles - they look fantastic. I also love the mirrors - especially the ensuite one.
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