Saturday, March 3, 2012

Picking A Paint Color!

Last night we had a bunch of friends over for dinner (menu to be discussed in my next posting), and then after our delicious and delightful dinner, which ended around midnight, we had the steam to hop in the car and zip up to Fox Ridge so that we could wake up here this morning. I tell you-- I am DETERMINED to put this bathroom renovation behind us, come hell or high water, and if that means driving through the foggy hills of New Jersey at 1:00 am, SO BE IT I SAY! (I don't fool around when I've got my mind set on something.)

First thing this morning, I busted out my Benjamin Moore paint wheels and I have already picked out the wall color for the bathroom. It's a perfect match with our existing bath mats, works nicely with the bathroom rug, and I know that I like it, because it is also the color of our three-season porch! 

I'm a big fan of bringing colors from room to room, manifested in many different forms, to link the spaces together. Our stairway is painted this terrific cheerful green (pictured at left), which also reappears on the trim and moldings in our living room, inside the kitchen cabinets, on a bedside table in the guest room, and on a shelf in the master bedroom. And-- that color originated as the trim on the outside of the house! Talk about tying it all together!! I have examples of this all over the house, where a color starts in one room and then reappears room after room, in the form of chair cushions, throw pillows, wall color, or what-nots. I think it gives a sense of continuity to the space-- especially a space as tiny as the house at Fox Ridge-- and makes the house feel like one idea, executed in many different forms, rather than lots of separate, scattered ideas that are linked by proximity alone. File that away folks! Those are the words of a design professional! : ) 

Anyway... back to the task at hand... So, I decided on a color, and now we're going to get cracking getting this bathroom painted. The color: Benjamin Moore's Glade Green. Bright and light so it's good for a teeny-tiny space like our bathroom; with enough color so it has definition against the white tile floor, trim and ceilings; and it looks terrific with both our existing bathmats and our new beige-y towels. The color sample on the Benjamin Moore site makes the color look more muted and muddy than it does on the chip or on the porch, but I have great faith in liking it... You'll just have to wait and see when I finish painting our bathroom! Patience is a virtue! (That I sadly don't possess...)

Onwards people! Onwards! 

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