Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Blooms in Brooklyn!

Inspired by the beautiful spring weather and some impending out-of-town visitors, I went on a planting spree in Brooklyn this past week. I'm especially chuffed with a little indoor arrangement I created for the kitchen, so much so that I was prompted to write about it. I picked up some cheap little ranunculus at Home Depot ($3.97 a pop) and potted them in a lovely ceramic basket we received ages ago as a wedding present from John's grandmother Babbi. (Thanks again Babbi!)

Not to boast, but our ceramic basket came from Tiffany & Co. (Does it go without saying that this is the only thing from Tiffany's in this apartment?) however, I found a bunch of fantastic, far more affordable alternatives online. The ones shown at right are from Jayson Home and William Sonoma Home (top to bottom).

As demonstrated by the folks at WS Home, this is  the accessory that keeps on giving, as you can also use it as a bread basket when it isn't acting as a planter. I think there is something fun and playful about putting planted flowers into this "abstracted basket" which gives it a little more panache than just an ordinary wicker basket.

The process was a simple one... I lined my basket with a couple layers of tin foil to keep the soil and water from leaking out, stuck those bad boys (my ranunculus) in, filled in a little extra soil where needed, and ba-da-bing, I had a flower arrangement that looked like far more than the $16.00 invested, and which will hopefully keep blooming for a couple of weeks...

What's not to like?
Hope you're all enjoying a springy weekend too...

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  1. I love your ceramic basket. Did you buy it directly at a tiffany store? I have been looking for it on their website and I cant find it.