Sunday, April 29, 2012

Marché Aux Puces! (Literally: Market of Fleas!)

Another adventure in Paris begins... 

John, Julia, and I are heading out today to visit the famous Marché Aux Puces, in search of wonderful gems and fabulous deals. Or at least something kinda cool...

Julia is in search of an oil painting of some sort, and I'm in search of... well, let's be honest... I tend to go with my whims and fancies more than looking for a specific piece at flea markets, so I'm looking for anything especially fabulous. I think John is in pursuit of a watch, though I've been trying to discourage him from buying a used watch in a foreign country. Somehow that seems like a recipe for disaster, or at least a recipe for ending up with a broken, irreparable watch and without a chunk of money.

I'll report back with all of our finds and bounty! Hopefully we'll have great success...

Á bientôt! 

*Whoa! Did I forget to mention that Julia joined us here in Paris to celebrate her birthday?!? She arrived on Monday and heads back to New York City tomorrow... Her presence could account for my especially erratic blogging over the last week. I've been merrily caught up in our galavanting all over the city, and we've been having an absolute blast! We've attempted to eat almost everything you have to eat (sadly there are still so many restaurants left on the list), done lots of shopping and touring, and spent our days cruising the city on rented bicycles, which is really the optimal mode of transportation in a city this beautiful. I can't believe she has to go home tomorrow... there is never enough time in Paris. : ( 

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