Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Next stop, Rio de Janeiro!

In keeping with our never-ending adventure, I thought I'd include this brief musical snippet to get everyone in the mood for the next stop on this crazy train... 

The song is "Si tu vas à Rio!" sung by that classic chanson master Dario Moreno, and he is so excited that we're heading to Rio... 

**I should also give a quick shout-out to my friend and french teacher Arezki for introducing me to this master of music... 

I'm not sure how reliable our internet connection is going to be while we're down in Rio (we're hopping from hotel to hotel for a lot of this trip) and we'll probably be pretty busy with wedding-y things, but I'll try to post a couple of times if I can squeeze it in. 

Thanks for following our adventures in Paris! 
Hopefully Rio will be just as action packed! 

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