Wednesday, June 13, 2012


While hunting for exciting antiquated accents for a client, I bumped into these gorgeous model staircases...
Be still my beating heart!  

Aren't they just utterly fabulous? If only I had a spare $6,500.00 to spend, I'd pick these lovelies up in a heart beat. (Okay, I guess you could buy in moderation, but even at $2,150.00 a pop, they're awfully steep.) They'd look so terrific all together, along the top of a bookcase or displayed together on a shelf.

Ah well-- I'll have to content myself with the beautiful version I bought for myself in Paris, which is currently under about an inch of dust in our living room/bedroom, as the construction continues in Brooklyn...  : )

And for those of you with neither $6,500.00 in your pocket, nor a trip to Paris in your future, Ballard Design's is still selling this knock-off version which is a pretty close second!

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