Monday, July 9, 2012


John and I just wanted to give a special shout-out to everyone who attended, helped with, planned, and cooked for our incredible baby shower last night. It was really a roaring success, and we had such a splendidly good time. My wonderful best friend Julia and my genius assistant Emily organized this terrific craft-y table where everybody was able to use custom-made/ custom-cut iron-on fabric to make their own personalized onesie for the baby, and we were just blown away by the creativity and skill that our friends and family possessed. This is going to be one seriously well-dressed kid! What makes this such a perfect baby shower project is that the onesies are all different sizes, so this baby is going to be sporting these awesome one-of-a-kind onesies until he's applying for college. It's also not too cute-sy-woot-sy-girl-y-whirl-y, so all of our party guests got totally into the project, not just the female contingent... 

Shown above is just a tiny portion of the collection we brought home last night... A particular favorite is featured below, made by our particularly talented and artistic friend, Justin Sanz

Yes, that does say "Wide Load" on the bum... So much to look forward to! : ) 

Thanks again to everyone who attended, traveling far and wide to see us in NYC; to everyone who helped prepare everything for such a wonderful night; to everyone who cut short their 4th of July festivities to make it to the party; and to everyone who sent such beautiful presents for the baby. We can't believe that we're down to just 5 more weeks until he arrives. This last tri-mester has seriously flown by... 

Yikes! And we still have to get this apartment finished!!! 

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