Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another window display under my belt!

I was given the opportunity to design two more window displays at the Broadway Carpet Showroom on 3rd Avenue and 68th Street, and of course, I jumped at the chance! I happened to have this terrific original (valuable) wassily chair sitting in my barn upstate (let's not talk about it... hoarding is a sensitive subject around this house...) and thought this was the perfect moment to justify having such an iconic chair gathering dust in my barn.

(Oy. Guilt.)

I combined it with this great chrome stool I already had (yes, also sitting without purpose in the barn) and recovered the seat in a bright blue fabric to make it "pop" a little. Then I coerced Mummy into making me a matching blue throw pillow to up the "pop" a little further.

Because I was given a (somewhat) generous budget for this window, I was also able to pick up some fun & furry throw pillows and a cozy throw blanket from Restoration Hardware during their fall sale, as well as a terrific chrome pendant light from Lowes, and added all of those elements to my display.

The idea here was to take a cold modern aesthetic (the chrome & leather of mid-century design) and couple it with something more playful and wintery-- a leopard print carpet, a fluffy flokati rug, and the furry throw and pillows from Restoration Hardware.

Add a dash of color, and presto! Modern meets the winter holidays!

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