Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another window display in Manhattan!

While brainstorming ideas for my other window display at Broadway Carpet, I suggested that we do  a nursery window to appeal to the prospective shoppers from the Pottery Barn Baby and Bellini Baby right up the street. After we'd decided on the "Modern Winter" window, I sort of figured my nursery idea was on hold, but then-- surprise! The manager of the store decided they'd clear another window for me and let me at it! Terrific!

After a quick hunt around on Craig's List, I found lightly used Pottery Barn changing table (for sale IN Williamsburg!) and I got cracking! I whipped together a changing pad cover and a couple of throw pillows from this bright teal and white fabric I had left over from a previous project, and then added some awesome baby art to keep the teal and white theme going. Lucky for me, I have such an extensive collection of kid-art, I didn't have to search hard to find two great pieces in my personal archives. Who says buying excessive amounts of art doesn't come in handy??? : )

I chose two fun area rugs for the window-- one chocolate rug with stripes of teal and pale blue-green woven through it, and one that was a playful teal-colored shag. Both rugs worked perfectly with the teal fabric of the changing pad and throw pillows, as well as the palette in both kid-art pieces. To seal the deal, I threw in two brown canvas boxes that I'd purchased at Target (borrowed from my dining room closet unfortunately!) but they worked so well with the brown in the rug, I couldn't resist! 

If you find yourself in Manhattan, 
pop in and check out Broadway Carpet! 
1285 2nd Avenue (between 67th & 68th Streets)
Tell them I sent you!

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