Friday, December 7, 2012

Festive Garland or... Kid's Room Decoration?

I just found this felt garland on the Dwell Studio website and I love it! It's so fun and festive, but it's also so $30.00, and for only five feet, I think I'd end up spending considerably more than $30.00 to actually make it look good as a holiday decoration.

But it got me thinking... as my lack of money often does... and I think I'm going to attempt to make this myself. I think it will be such a fun Christmas decoration, but I also think it would make an awesome kid's room decoration too! I was thinking I could string it up near the ceiling in Julian's room, or even hang it in swags on the brass headboard of the bed in his room at Fox Ridge.

I've tracked down a giant bag of felt balls, actually, 100 felt balls to be exact, which I bought on Etsy. They are available from a bunch of different sources, but I really wanted mine to be 1" diameter like the Dwell Studio version, so I had to search a little farther afield to find the right source. The coolest thing is that I was also able to choose which colors I get, so I'm not going to end up with 12 snot-colored felt balls or 18 hot pinks. I've only ordered 100 balls so far (which should make me 2 1/2 Dwell-Studio-sized garlands) but if this is a success, I might order more.

I woke up feeling crafty this morning! 


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