Saturday, February 23, 2013

Movement on the ottoman empire...

Okay. I couldn't resist saying that, but really, I'm not plotting to create an ottoman empire, nor is there ANY relationship between me and it, with the exception of the word ottoman. This is what I get for dabbling in my father's sense of humor...

Moving on... After waiting over a week for the orange fabric sample from Urban Outfitters to arrive-- to no avail-- a mystery sample arrived from Lee Jofa yesterday, and fate has spoken. We are going to build us a coffee-table-converted-into-a-living-room-ottoman!

Winner @ $88.00! When fate says "buy me", you buy me.

How has fate spoken, you ask? For some strange reason, there was a mix-up on an order we had placed for another client, and when they sent us a clipping to confirm the color and pattern, it was the wrong fabric. Which was annoying (for my professional project) but it was literally PERFECT for the ottoman. I have been dating a couple of other fabrics which all seemed very promising, but nothing was really jumping out as PERFECT for me, which is usually when I vacillate and hem-and-haw. I was feeling slowed down by price ($125.00/yard, but lovely), charm (polyester super star, but not that enchanting, even at $71.00/yard) or both (kind of boring and kind of expensive at $75.00/yard.) However, this new fabric arrived, and it was like "CLICK. DONE."It hit all the notes I was looking for-- navy blue, a little visual interest without adding too much additional pattern, rugged construction. Boom! Better yet, John walked into the kitchen moments after it arrived in the mail and was like "Oh. That's really nice. Is that for our ottoman?" "DOUBLE CLICK. DOUBLE DONE."

Definite contender, but expensive @ $125.00/yard
Another front runner. A great faux-leather finish, and not too steep @ $70.00/yard
Kind of nice, but kind of boring. Also less impressed by the $75.00 price tag

One doesn't look a fate-horse in the mouth, right, so I promptly ordered one yard of this fabric ($88.00 total with my trade discount!) and it's comin' in the post, pronto tonto. (What's a fate-horse?)

I've already devised a plan on the how-to of economically converting our (albeit lovely) mid-century coffee table into an ottoman, and I've got high hopes that the total cost will be in the region of $88.00 if all goes well. As soon as the fabric arrives, I'll get cracking. I'm chompin' at the bit! My feet need a place to rest!

Now I'm just impatient for it to arrive!! 

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