Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Exterior Shots of Fox Ridge...

Upon recommendation from my readers, I've decided to include some more information and photos about the land surrounding Fox Ridge (our little cottage upstate), in the hopes that it might tip the scales in our favor. The house is situated on 8.6 acres, adjacent to 860+ unoccupied acres... In addition to our charming cottage, there is also a modern 2-car garage (we've always called it "The Barn") on the property, overlooking a beautiful overgrown apple orchard, about 1/4 mile away from the house and the road.

The garage would be a perfect painting studio, workshop, or rehearsal space-- it's incredibly private, wonderfully situated with great views in every direction, and already has a well and water pump installed, so with very little effort (and money), one could convert it into a more full-time usable space or residence.

To give a sense of what the house is like right now, I'm also including a snapshot from a few weekends ago when we were up to our eyeballs in snow. Things are starting to clear up now, which is great because it suggests that Spring is on its way, but bad because it makes the country road leading up to our house look like the set from Deliverance.  : (

Hopefully, whoever comes to see our wonderful cottage will have the vision to recognize that Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter all look gorgeous in the country, but March is a b-i-t-c-h almost everywhere.

And yes, that is a baby deer munching on an apple, right outside our bedroom window. It's that cute in the country. Can you stand it??? 

Lastly, this is what google.maps shows if you google the location of our house... There aren't no houses, but as you can clearly see, the house-to-forest ratio is pretty fricking superb. 

Now that I've posted all of this-- ask yourself-- "Have you emailed EVERYONE YOU KNOW about our little house?" We've already got a bunch of showings lined up, but we want this baby SOLD, so if you know anyone, please send them our way. 

Once again, I can be reached via the blog, or emailed directly at: christina@11211design.com 

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