Saturday, March 16, 2013

People after our own heart...

Just saw this article in the NY Times today, and it felt particularly relevant, given our next (hopeful) undertaking...

As one of the interviewees said in the article,

“Either you’re the kind of person who’ll do something like this, or you’re not,” Mr. Sorenson said. “There are better ways to spend your time, and it’s not the way to make money.”
“I’ve done this over and over,” he added. “I have the plan, the time and a great team, so the project’s bulletproof. I know how to do it. When I’m done, this place will be killer.” 

Albeit, WE are the team, we have almost NO TIME, and it's a CRAZY FRIGGIN' PLAN, but I think I'm going to consider our venture bullet proof too. It has a nice ring to it!

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  1. Better ways to spend your time?? Pshaw! Metaphorically planting a flag and literally making a home for yourself in this crazy world...what could be better?!