Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Dream House (aka. Money Pit) In Person!

It seems that the new house is far more intriguing to people than how on earth we're going to sell Fox Ridge in less than 90 days, so I'm attaching a couple of links for you to peruse... These are three (very amateur) movies John and I made, giving a quick tour of the new house, along with some anecdotes about our plans and visions...

Haunted House? We're hoping the answer is "No!"
Fingers crossed, we'll actually get to see these dreams become a reality!

Check it out here:

(The rest of the tour) 

As John's brother Peter helpfully pointed out, these videos could really stand some editing (thanks Peter) so please be patient and watch them with love (and not internet pessimism) in your heart...

The clock's ticking! Have you mass-emailed anyone today? 
You better get started! 

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