Saturday, May 18, 2013

I mean seriously... There's a lot going on.

This past week, I started moving into my new office (yes! In addition to everything else on our plate, I'm also moving offices...) So, by night, once Jules has fallen asleep and my work day is through, I head over to my office (across the hall from my apartment!) and start working on my office. Yes. My office is now ACROSS THE HALL from my apartment. You read that right. 

How is that possible? 
Because I am the luckiest woman alive, and happen to have been blessed by the New York City Real Estate fairy upon crossing the Whitestone Bridge 11 years ago. 

Sadly, in New York City, being lucky means renting a psychotic-pink-and-purple room that's 8' X 12', with one window and a closet that you have to access from a separate hallway. But hey! At least there's a window! And at least there's a closet! I know someone who was living in a windowless, closet-less bedroom in Bed-Stuy for almost $700 a month, so comparatively, it's paradise. 

Check out this blog, which really captures the charm of New York City real estate... 

Since everything in my life is a "fixer-upper", I had to start by pulling up the centuries-old carpet (the horror!) then patching, sanding, and priming the whole room. So far, that's as much as I've accomplished, but a new light fixture and floor paint are in the works in the next couple of days. Then I'm onto wall color (hallelujah) and then-- ugh-- moving all of my files and furniture from my other office into the new one. Heave-ho! 

Then, because we weren't stressed enough, nor strapped enough for cash, we decided to buy this rad/ridiculous truck, which was conveniently located in Plainview, NJ. Meaning of course, that John, Julian, and I had to make an hour long pilgrimage to New Jersey earlier this week to buy the truck. 

Whose brakes promptly broke (in the driveway of the seller, thankfully) so we got the truck towed to a local shop where they're now making the necessary repairs. We are pretending we're not idiots and didn't buy a lemon because:

a.) we're idiots.
b.) it was actually quite a cheap truck.
c.) there are only 75,000 miles on the truck, so it's got a long future ahead of it.
d.) we were already in New Jersey, and by gad, we were coming home with a truck!
e.) the guy fixing our car turned us onto this video, to give us some idea of just how tough and enduring our truck really is.
f.) we're idiots.

So-- once we finished that debacle (does it qualify as finished, even though we don't actually have the truck in our possession?) we headed up to the house, and started packing up there. OMG. Evidently, we bought a lot of stuff over the past 5 years. Even after we had the yard sale, there is still A LOT of stuff here! And it all has to be packed up, pronto-tonto, because we are OFFICIALLY scheduled to sign the paperwork on our new farm house next Thursday, May 23rd! (This happens to also be John and my four-year wedding anniversary.) According to wikipedia, the four-year wedding anniversary is typically celebrated with silk, linen, or in modern America, appliances (we're such romantics). I guess we are fast-forwarding a little by giving each other a house, but hey! We've never been good at adhering to tradition, so that should come as no surprise.

Anyway--- that pretty much brings us up to date. We've been busy. New office, new truck, almost new house. Packing old house. Oy.

Just keep saying to yourself:

"Change is good. Change is good." 

  Deep breath.

"Change is good." 

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  1. Wow. Your life feels an awful lot like our life. Change is good, indeed. You give us hope. lol Best wishes on all your new endeavors!