Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Farmhouse Renovation Day Four: Onwards!

After completing lots of unsatisfying prep work on the ground floor of the farmhouse, I finally got to buy the fun paint (colors!) and I'm starting on the next wave of transformations!

I know that painting the ceiling is a vital step, doing the caulking and spackling will pay off in the long run, and certainly painting the trim and doors does wonders for a room, but there is truly nothing more gratifying in home renovation than popping open that first gallon of colored paint and starting in on the walls. And hooray! That day has finally come!

My color "plan" so far, is shown at left. Before I delve into the specifics though, let me just confess that I'm horribly predictable, and am using a lot of the same colors that I've used before in Brooklyn and out at Fox Ridge. I swear that I made an earnest effort to find new colors, but I just kept coming back to the same palette. It's like trying to find a new restaurant in Williamsburg. New ones pop up every day, and in an effort not to be a stick in the mud, you keep trying them out, but at the end of the meal, 9 times out of 10 you think, I should have stuck to my local spot.

Sometimes you've just found something that's perfect. Why mess with it?

That's how I feel about Benjamin Moore's "Decorator's White" (CC20), "Healing Aloe" (1562) and "Quiet Moments" (1563). They're just perfect. The right amount of color, the right amount of subtly, the right amount of je ne sais quoi.

My plan as of now is "Quiet Moments" with "Decorator's White" trim in the dining room, "Healing Aloe" in the kitchen with more "Decorator's White" trim, and then-- because I was trying hard to breakfrom the mold, I chose "Old Prairie" (OC-42) for the upper half of the living room walls. The bottom half of the living room walls are clad in wainscotting, so I'm thinking "Decorator's White" down there too, so make no mistake. I'm not getting all that adventurous.

The plan here is breezy, bright, and summery. I really want to emphasize the higher ceilings and terrific light that the farmhouse has, but I'm hoping there will also be a little more room to play with color because the space is a little more stately than the cottage at Fox Ridge.

I was considering trying to incorporate Benjamin Moore's "Artichoke Hearts" (382) above, or maybe "Moroccan Spice" (AF-285) at left, into the color scheme, but I haven't found a place for them yet...

We shall see... 

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