Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The source of my silence...

I have to confess. I'm sulking.

I wrote an opus of a blog posting yesterday morning. It was beautiful. It was funny. It was informative. It had photos and anecdotes. Tales of driving through the Poconos late night to pick up a claw-foot tub.
Truly a winner.

And then blogspot malfunctioned, and even though I'd saved it numerous times (John and my brother have trained me well...) it disappeared. Into the ether... 

Just... gone. 

I pouted. I stomped. I'm pretty sure I swore a little. (Okay, a lot. Let's be honest, I've got the mouth of a sailor. Sorry family.) I keep getting ready to write a follow-up posting, but every time, my heart sinks and I return to my previous sulky state. (This is making me delightful to be around.) So in an effort to get over this trauma, I'm going to talk through it. Hopefully I'll be able to move forward from here...

Let's start by reviewing my latest activities, and maybe I'll be able to work my way back to the origin of my trauma, the trip to the Poconos.

We're making major headway at the farm. We've finished the majority of the work in the bathroom, living room, and dining room, and we're moving on to the kitchen and pantry. We've primed the kitchen and pantry, painted the ceilings, and John's been spackling like mad. I've started painting the little hallway between the kitchen and the living room. I chose a totally nutty color, that I'm hoping is going to work out, but it remains to be seen. I've only put the first coat of Benjamin Moore's "Cinco de Mayo 1286" up in the hall so far, and it's definitely making me nervous...

I was inspired by this terrific shirt that Jules has, captured below:

I suggested this color by sending John this marathon of photos, and I think he was so arrested by how CUTE THIS BABY IS that he couldn't possibly refuse me. So I literally took the shirt right off Julian's back (don't worry-- I brought him a replacement!) and took this muted red shirt with me to the paint store. After much agonizing, I decided upon Benjamin Moore's "Cinco de Mayo 1286" and this is how things are shaping up...

Don't worry-- we're planning to replace the light fixture that's hanging there... All in good time folks.

I suppose I haven't posted our completed bathroom photos yet either! Here's how things are coming together there, however, please be patient because it's a little light on charm right now. I'm trying to contain myself from unpacking too thoroughly until the dust has settled and we've actually officially moved into the farmhouse, so as of now, we're missing towels, accessories, and a new light fixture. Bear with me guys. : )

Looking pretty good already, right? 

Remember that just a few months ago, I suggested that the area above the bath tub would be a good place to hide a dead body, so comparatively, things are considerably improved!!

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  1. I recognize the hooked rug...so glad it's finally found a home. Yay!