Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A little light at the end of the tunnel...

Our new outdoor light just arrived last weekend, and I recruited John to install it pronto-tonto. That poor guy-- he gets like 10 seconds to sit down on the weekend before I'm clapping my hands together, trying to rally some enthusiasm for our next home improvement project. (Sorry dude!)

The outdoor light was installed above the new exterior french doors we installed leading outside from the kitchen. I knew I wanted somethin' country, so I tracked down a gooseneck sconce from this cool company called Barnlight Electric. The website is pretty rad-- you can custom design your light fixture to suit your needs-- pick the finish, the size of the shade, the amount of goosey-ness for your gooseneck fixture... You know. The works.

Yes, goosey-ness. 

So, the fixture I "designed" looked like this, only ours is in the rust finish:

It only took about a week to receive, which is pretty terrific considering they're made to order and ship from Florida. Once installed, it looked like this:

I guess a day-time photo is probably in order, but this image just seemed so much more romantic. 

We also purchased a pair of rust finished flood-lights, so John can flip them on and scare the ba-jesus out of everybody in case of a zombie-apocalypse. However, since most days aren't a zombie-apocalypse, we also installed a dimmer switch so that we can have the flood lights cast a slightly more-enchanted-less-interrogation-room light for everyday use. 

All in all, the outside lighting is shaping up nicely. Swish! 

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