Thursday, July 11, 2013

Oh jeez! It's been a while...

I know I owe you a million photos and I'm about a week behind schedule, but I'm wicked tired and don't really have the steam to narrate too dynamically. Forgive me if I'm inarticulate, generally dull, or laden with typos. This has been a busy, crazy week and we still have the weekend to prevail over. So-- I'm going to opt for the "quitter" approach, and just load up a bunch of before-and-after photos and you can come to your own conclusions. : )

Below is Julian's room when we first arrived. Note the lovely office-style drop ceiling, lifeless linoleum flooring, and the wavy-warped faux-wood panelling. Très chic!

Initially, we thought we'd just paint the panelling, ignore the ceiling, and pull up the linoleum for "Phase One", but it turned out that a lot of the electrical work for the second floor had to be run through the walls of this room, so we decided, what the hay, and just pulled down the ceiling and panelling too-- and jumped right in! Geronimo!

This was John's first round of drywalling and spackling in the new farm house. One-two-three, up it went. Hanging the dropped wainscotting ceiling was a little trickier.

Keep in mind-- this room isn't totally finished. We still have to put up the ceiling molding and roll on another coat of paint, but it's a pretty big improvement to the warpy walls we started with. In case you're interested, ceiling and trim will be Benjamin Moore's "Decorator's White" and the walls are a custom color that is one shade deeper than Benjamin Moore's "Old Prairie". It still needs a little tweaking, but Jules seems pretty content so far. He's a good sport. : ) 

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  1. I have lost track of phase 1 and phase 2. Are you only using the first floor for now and then will work on the upstairs as you have time?