Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Doing A Little Exterior Sprucing Up...

We're at least one year away from painting the outside of our house and probably two more until we tackle the garden, and I've been trying hard to come to terms with that reality. Keep in mind that I make Martha Stewart look laid back in the "obsessive-compulsive-perfectionist-department", so it's been no easy sell getting me to ignore the exterior projects and focus on the more pressing projects-- like insulating the walls and making the inside habitable.

However, this past weekend, my inner-Martha got the better of me, and I spent a couple of hours perking up the front walk to the house. Nothing grand-- just a little color to brighten things up as you approach our falling down farm house.

Not exactly revolutionary, but it's a good start, considering I've got years of waiting to do before I get to really start gardening. 

I just keep whispering, "One thing at a time... One thing at a time..." to myself, and trying to repress my inner-Martha from rearing her ugly head. But man! Is that bi#$h persistent?!?!

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