Monday, February 24, 2014

Crafty weekend!

New dresser. Full of potential?
I forgot to mention that I also "acquired" a vintage dresser when I picked up my fantastic office tulip table in Red Hook. (Thanks again to friend w/ truck. Couldn't have done it without you!) The dresser was cute-- albeit a little boldly painted-- but more importantly, it was a perfect replacement (ie. structurally sound) for Julian's changing table dresser up in the country, which was literally collapsing. Maybe DECAYING is the more appropriate word. It wasn't a pretty sight.

So-- I lugged my street-find dresser upstate (Yes. On the roof of our car. Safety first.) and got straight to work: sanding, priming, and painting. I started by just doing the drawers and realized that I actually didn't have issue with the green frame, only the lavender drawers. So I tackled the purple full-force, and things were completely transformed.

Round One of my transformation...
New hardware on my new dresser = the old hardware from my old dresser, reused! 
In an act of die-hard reduce-reuse-recycle, I replaced the hardware on the new dresser with knobs I salvaged from the old collapsing dresser. Fantastic. This was literally a freebie in the most true sense of the word! 

Admit it. This is cute.
                    Admit it. This is cuter. 
                   But stores less clothing.

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