Saturday, February 22, 2014

Getting Closer: Waiting on Floors and a Window!

Still got a distance to go, that's for sure. 10,000 boxes of samples to move from the old office to the new office... New window has been measured for and "supposedly" will be installed Monday. (Not holding my breath on that delivery date, let me tell you.) And then-- the real doozy: I've still got to paint my floors. Thinking I'm going to go with a deep charcoal color that riffs off the industrial, oil-rubbed bronze of the sputnik light, the 400lb. library ladder, and the old-school sprinkler system overhead.

If you can't beat 'em-- join 'em right?!? 

Loving my EXPEDIT shelves and all of the potential storage in my future--- IKEA is discontinuing these babies, so if you like the look and the price tag (about $800.00 less than Design Within Reach's equivalent) I'd make a hot move, because once they're gone, they're gone!

I hope everybody is also taking a second to bask in the glory of my free sputnik light fixture. David from Equity Modern probably deserves a second shout-out for the awesomeness of that gift, because I'm beyond pleased with it and it looks rad in place. It also completed eliminated my need to decide about splurging on a new fixture or using the vintage brass pendant I already had. (Note that I just found the same fixture online for $578.00, so not only did I not have to address my indecisiveness, I also got a preposterously good deal. David from Equity Modern probably deserves a third shout-out for the sheer generosity of his gift. Whoa.)

Free = The Best Deal Around.

I promise I'll get some better photos up on the blog once everything is finally in place. I've also got more exciting surprises in store for the office in the coming weeks, so keep on checking in to see what I'm up to there...

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  1. I am THRILLED that your blog is back. Love reading of your decorating adventures and getting a dose of cute Julian when possible. I had started to worry that you were gone for good. :)