Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Next up-- master bedroom @ the farm!

We're trying to knock these projects down, one room at a time, and decided last weekend we were going to tackle the master bedroom. Luckily, Julian was having a sleepover with John's parents, so that allowed us to deal with most of the dirty/nasty/dusty stuff while he was out of the house. 

All I can say is, "Hallelujah for grandparents!" or this house would be at TOTAL STAND STILL.

The drywall was already up in our bedroom upstate, and admittedly, has been for a while (okay-- months!) Pretty much after the initial progress of installing the drywall and ceiling, we got considerably side-tracked by our desire to move back into our room and things came to a complete and utter halt. Until Saturday morning when I woke up and thought, "Now or never! Geronimo!" Poor John had no idea what he was waking up to. By the time he was stirring, I was already decked out in paint clothes, guns at the ready. 

He didn't stand a chance! 

Luckily for both of us, he knew better than to resist me when I've got that crazed look in my eye, and in no time flat, he was putting the final layer of spackle on the wall seams and I was sanding the ceiling. Never try to come between me and progress once I've got the idea in my head. It's just a lost cause....

Originally the plan had been to paint the room my tried, but true-- Benjamin Moore's "Healing Aloe" (1562), but then decided that I was a mother on the lam and it was time to be wild! If I learned anything from competing on NBC's American Dream Builders, it was "Go BOLD or GO HOME!" and go bold I went! Okay, not exactly bananas, but I elected to paint the room Benjamin Moore's "Beach Glass" (1564) instead, and I'm totally loving it.

We still have a long way to go until this room is finished-- namely-- crown molding still needs to be installed, the floors stripped, art work properly hung, and possibly most importantly, I've got to get finials for those lamps, because those wonk-a-doo lamp shades are drivin' me nuts!

This is definitely an instance of "I can't believe we waited this long. I can't believe we were living that way." 

I'm pretty sure we'd almost stopped noticing that the walls were un-sanded, unfinished, and unpainted. Ah-- the power of denial-- truly a remarkable thing! I'm so excited to actually relax in our beautiful bedroom next weekend--- that will make all the hustling totally worthwhile. 

Thanks again to grandparents-- making it all possible! 

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