Sunday, May 11, 2014

Gross bathroom, en garde! PART ONE...

I'm not gonna lie. Our bathroom in Brooklyn leaves a lot to be desired. It's significantly improved now that we've painted the walls and the vanity; I did a fair amount of resuscitative labor on the actual vanity itself to postpone its certain collapse; and we swapped out the hardware for something a little jazzier... If you squint, it's actually a pretty nice looking bathroom these days. Particularly if you keep the shower curtain closed. 

If you open the shower curtain though, QUELLE HORREUR! 

Maybe that's a little strong, but the tile work in the shower is neither nice nor particularly clean, and I've had just about enough of it. I'm not typically a very dedicated housekeeper (shame on me...), but I have really tried in vain to get these freaking tiles clean. Even my most trusted cleaning partner, Soft Scrub's Commercial Grade Cleaner didn't dent the dug-in mildew on the grout. Such a bummer. The tiles themselves are probably so clean from my numerous attempts at cleaning that you could eat off of them, but the grout never looks even a smidgeon cleaner.
During a recent consultation with my contractor, he recommended that I try a specific kind of ultra-powerful tile, tub, and grout cleaner--- and sent me a picture to ensure that I was buying the right one. Off I zipped to the hardware store, and the next day, tackled the project AGAIN. 

This stuff was super potent smelling, and equally potent to use, so I opened a window, rolled up my sleeves, put on my fancy yellow rubber gloves, and went to work! 

I know this is a cliff hanger, but I didn't have a chance to photograph the bathroom after I was finished cleaning, so you're going to have to check back later this week to see my results! 

*Ask anybody who knows me, I swear by this stuff. You never saw your sink/bathtub/shower/kitchen so clean until you've cleaned it with Soft Scrub's Commercial Bleach cleaner. Strong emphasis on COMMERCIAL. It's night-and-day between the commercial version and the "kid" version (aka. household cleaner.) Don't mess around folks. Get the commercial and you'll never go back. 

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