Monday, May 19, 2014

Gross Bathroom, en garde, Part Two!

I know it may have seemed like I forgot about how ugly and dirty looking my bathroom in Brooklyn is, but believe me, I haven't. It weighs on me like the myth of Sisyphus, knowing that my work there is neither done and in fact, may never be done.

The tile cleaner, which was proported to be strong enough to remove the gum from New York's sidewalks and hipsters from its subways, didn't so much as dent the mildew imbedded in our bathroom grout. Finally "Industrial Tile Cleaner By...." had met its match.

After much investigation, I have resigned myself to the cold, hard truth. There is only one more option ahead of me (if you exclude resignation, defeat, or a full-scale remodel as options.) I am going to remove all of the grout and re-grout my bathroom.

And because I'm essentially a twit, I'm going to do it using a small tool called a "Tile Saw" instead of a handy-dandy dremel bit intended to remove grout in about 5 minutes. Why? Basically because I'm cheap and I don't own a dremel saw. Your basic tile saw runs about $8.95 from Home Depot, and the one I'm looking at is supposedly "professional strength" which is pretty much an oxymoron because no professional in their right mind would use a hand saw to remove grout from a bathroom... except me.

While looking around online, I also came upon this drill bit specifically intended to remove grout, which I can supposedly use with my regular dewalt drill... If I can scare one of these up, I might give it a shot. Basically I'm just
resisting the temptation to buy a dremel saw because it's another $100.00 I'm spending not renovating my bathroom entirely, and I'm trying to keep the "throwing good money after bad" budget below $50.00.

Which means I am going to buy whatever weird, torturous tools I have to in order to avoid that purchase... 

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