Sunday, May 4, 2014

The slippery slope of home improvement...

Earlier in the week, I tackled a D-I-Y project for Zillow's home blog and "renovated" my existing bathroom vanity. The project was a resounding success-- if I may say so-- and the vanity was reborn! I was so thrilled with the improvement of our bathroom, but something kept nagging at me. I just kept thinking, "It would look even better if...." and then I figured out what it was! Now that the vanity was painted the saturated grey-green color, the soft "Healing Aloe" walls just didn't pack enough punch. (The vanity color is actually a custom tint from Olympic, but it was inspired by Benjamin Moore's "Night Train" #1567.)

Because I like to cram as much into every day as humanly possible, I saw a brief window of time on Friday morning and jumped on it to get the bathroom painted. Keep in mind that it really isn't that much wall-- it took almost as much time to take down and rehang all of the mirrors as it did to actually paint the room. In fact, as I was rehanging the mirrors, I briefly thought to myself, "Whose stupid idea was it to hang all these f-#$king mirrors in here in the first place?!? This is ridiculous!" But after everything was back in place, I realized that they actually look so freaking awesome, and pop so perfectly against the now-grey-green walls, that it made me want to go out and collect a few more to fill in the gaps and short comings of the mirrors I have now!!


  1. I can never get enough of those mirrors! Love it.

  2. Different designs of mirror..Each mirror looks different and amazing..Nice work

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