Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Busy, busy bees!

Another hiatus! I'm the worst!

It's been another round of crazy weeks for the John-Christina-Jules household, and I'm only just now catching my breath after what has felt like weeks of home improvement and professional project overload. Jules also celebrated his SECOND BIRTHDAY last weekend, which just blows me away. It's hard to believe that it's already been two years since he was born on the Upper East Side of New York on a rainy August afternoon. We've been through so many bananas adventures together since then! A lot of you have followed our blog through all of those ups and downs, and it must seem like only yesterday that I told all of you that I was pregnant! 

Now, here we are two years later, and his birthday has given me a tangible milestone to contemplate all of the events, good and bad, that have happened since then... 

We've got one reality show behind us, one country cottage sold, one farmhouse acquired. We've gone from one little tooth to an entire remarkable mouthful of them. We've spent wonderful time with our family, and lost wonderful parts of our family. We've lived for months in a hotel together, we've explored new cities together, we've visited thousands of grocery stores seeking respite from sitting in the car, all together. We've made new friends and left some behind, we've gone from no-neck-muscles to some-neck-muscles to "so-many-muscles-that-I can-climb-onto-anything-and-will-jump-from-incredible-heights-fearlessly"... We mastered the "art of walking" in an endless hotel hallway, we've learned how to put on lots of eye-makeup, how not to be on TV, how to insta-gram, how to kiss a dog on the mouth, how to avoid kissing a dog on the mouth, how to insulate a house from the top-down, and how to crawl into the tiny space under your house because you don't have enough money to pay someone to do all of your electrical work for you. We've experienced international travel together, we've gone on a cross-country road trip together, we've come up with ridiculous sleeping arrangements to ensure that everyone gets a good night's rest all together..... It has been a wonderful, though at times, incredibly unconventional two years together, and hopefully Jules will be able to look back at this blog eventually and say, 

"Wow. We lived a totally bizarre but adventurous life, altogether." 

Happy Second Birthday to our ever-growing Jule-Bug. To everyone who was with us to celebrate his birthday, in person or in spirit, we send our love and thanks to all of you.

Now onto the next adventure...!! 

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