Friday, August 22, 2014

OMG brainstorm.

In the middle of the night, I popped out of sleep and suddenly thought, "Wait! We could vault the ceiling of the downstairs bathroom the same way we vaulted the ceiling of the porch!" This is because that little guest bathroom is tucked under the same continuous roof of the porch, so there really isn't any reason it couldn't be vaulted. Since our plan is to completely gut the bathroom down to the studs in order to insulate properly AND we were going to take down the yucky dropped ceiling anyway, there is really no reason not to vault the ceiling in the process.

See the window on the far left side of this photo, first floor? That's our downstairs bathroom! 

Of course first thing this morning, I tracked down some inspirational images of vaulted ceiling-ed bathrooms-- and I love it. (Plus-- all of these examples prove that there isn't some secret contractor-y reason this isn't done...)

The first image is so similar to what I've got in mind for our bathroom-- it's a little preposterous-- though I'd give the golden-shower-head-from-above the skip, and most likely install our shower head on the wall that's hidden by the shower curtain in that photo. But in concept-- subway tile-- vaulted ceiling-- white tile floor-- this guy and I are clearly on the same page. It's also making me warm to the idea of shower curtain over glass door for a standing shower... M...a...y...b...e...

So this is pretty much the nicest bathroom I've ever seen. I want to sleep in this room.
That said, it is probably better suited as inspiration for our attic than our downstairs bathroom, as I'm pretty darn sure we don't need another claw foot tub in this house. 

This is another inspiration image that's cut from the came cloth, though they've parked their tub in an eave, so they're vaulting up from both sides. This isn't quite what we're planning, but aesthetically I like everything else that's happening in here, so it didn't seem irrelevant either. Plus maybe I can refer back to it if we do ever decide to install a bathroom up in the attic???

: )

I think I just heard John groan at that prospect. Especially when I mentioned a clawfoot tub. Have you ever carried one of those babies up a flight of stairs??? How about two?

Another thought I had that has me pretty excited is that theoretically we could even install another window in the bathroom if we wanted to... Once I started thinking about it "down to the studs" I realized the sky is kind of the limit! One idea was to install a sky light in the shower, because I'm pretty sure that'd be awesome-- but the downside is that the roof of the porch is really the first thing you see when you approach the house, so chopping a skylight into might not look so hot... 

Hmmm.... Lots to think about... 


  1. wonder if the bathroom was carved out of the porch... it would be nice to have the porch go all across the front...

    1. Oh definitely! I think they dropped that truck-stop style fiberglass shower on the porch, put up three more walls and called it a day!

      We fantasized about returning the porch to its former glory, but we're about 20 years from building a bathroom somewhere else on the first floor, so that plan has been put on the back burner for now...