Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Five-Spice Pear-Apple Crisp. Yum.

We have a cornucopia of pears and apples growing in our yard this fall, so of course-- seeing ten minutes of spare time on my schedule-- I decided to bake a pie. This could explain why I'm so busy and so tired. Because instead of sitting, I bake pies.

Oh well. I'll sit when I'm dead, right?

Here's the deal with the pie-- and it was a roaring success.

I nabbed this recipe from a cookbook I found in my pantry, Ken Haedrich's "PIE". Let me tell you-- nabbed is the right word for it, because I cannot find a copy of this recipe anywhere online, except by taking a screen-grab of the actual cookbook on GoogleBooks. So. That's what I did. Unconventional? Yes. Possible thievery? Pretty sure that's a yes too. But-- c'est la vie. It's going down. If Ken doesn't like it, he can just GIVE. ME. A. CALL.

Ps. What I did find online was this photo of Ken. Based on this, I'm pretty sure I could take him. Though he's the one with the rolling pin at the ready.

Can you read this recipe at all? If not, you might just have to shell out for Ken's book online, or you can call me and maybe I'll dictate it to you over the phone. : ) 

What you should know is that the pie emerged from the oven looking like this, which suggests that whatever recon mission you have to embark upon (or maybe just a magnifying glass would do?) is going to be worth the effort, because this Five-Spice Pear-And-Apple-Crisp looks and smells killer. 

Make sure you've got some vanilla ice cream too, because I'm pretty sure that's going to take this to a whole other level... 

Can't wait for dinner time so we can inhale this for dessert!! 

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