Monday, September 29, 2014

One week later: Big Changes Afoot

When we left New York on Saturday afternoon...
A week ago, I was spray painting bamboo chairs and talking about yard sales, and now-- I have something big to announce. John, Jules, and I have packed up and temporaily moved to France. We're here until the end of 2014-- taking a break to enjoy ourselves and each other after a year of incredibly hard work-- and well-- we're going to be doing some working too... But mostly we'll be hanging out, cooking a lot, eating a lot and exploring France as a family.

By the time we got to Paris, Julian's eyes were square from so much bribery-television. But we made it there in one piece, with almost no in-flight spectacle, so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! 

We're spending the first three weeks in a house we've rented in Burgundy, in a little town called "Bussy Le Grand" which literally has a cafe, a church, a museum, and overlooks this spectacular countryside where a genuine-article chateau is located. We're headed there today, and will report back on what magnificence or otherwise that we encounter. Then, after we've done all the french country living we can handle (I'm not sure if that's actually possible, but we've got to leave eventually) we pack up and head to Paris for another two-and-a-half months. We've found another awesome rental apartment there, and we're going to try our hand at Parisian city living before we head back to New York.

If you know Jules, you know that there's pretty much nothing he prefers to farm equipment and
rock-throwing. Needless to say, he's a happy camper dans la campagne! 

And of course, around every corner is another pile of rumble that I want to renovate
into our next country house. So I'm pretty happy dans la campagne aussi! 

We really can't tell you how excited we are to be here, how hard we've worked to make this possible, and how tired we are from flying. : ) 

Don't forget to check back in while we're away to see the D-I-Y projects we tackle, the beautiful places we visit, and the exciting things we cook. Just because we're on vacation does not mean that I won't be blogging so there should be lots to read!

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  1. how exciting and how smart of you not to put this off until......whatever. do it now! enjoy it and talk about it forever, or do it again! yay for you and your family :)