Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Don't worry. We're also doing cultural enrichment.

In an effort to offset the piles of pancakes and pounds of butter we've been consuming in Paris (not to mention the dozens of baguettes and heaps of fries) we're walking a lot. I mean A LOT. Like our-stroller-is-getting-a-limp amounts of walking. And since we're doing a lot of walking, we're seeing a lot of stuff. It doesn't hurt that we've also got two friends from New York visiting us right now-- you can't exactly invite people to Paris and then not take them to the Eiffel Tower. Then you're just a jerk.

So-- here are a couple of snapshots of what we've been up to. And no, I'm not a good photographer.

Third time is the charm! Trying to get all three of us and a landmark into one
selfie photo is no easy task!

Keep checking in to see what we're up to while we're here in Paris... We've got some new projects in the works, so be sure to stop back to see what we're cooking up... 

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