Wednesday, October 15, 2014

More wonderful adventures in France...

John and I have stolen off for a few days of baby-free Burgundian fun, and it's been just spectacular. Jules has been a real sport about visiting all of the local attractions (in particular, the parks, bodies of water, and castles; not to mention the zoo and the Natural History Museum!) but when our babysitter from New York offered to come to France for a couple of weeks, how could we refuse the chance to wile away a couple of afternoons tasting Chablis and Irancy while someone else honed their rock-skipping skills with Jules?!?!

While they're doing the grand tour of every surrounding river, more in-depth investigations of the zoo, and trips to local farms with the FOUR french children who live across the road; John and I have been out toodling around the countryside, channeling the spirit of the french locals while we squander the afternoon enjoying wines from the region and exploring local Burgundian cuisine. Needless to say, it's been challenging. 

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