Monday, November 10, 2014

Pretty much doing a bunch of other stuff...

Yep. I sheepishly admit-- I've been distracted doing other less productive things and haven't really hunkered down to tackle any new crafty projects yet. Slacking. That's a fact. I'm slacking off-- eating lots of lunches, visiting lots of playgrounds, and exploring new corners of Paris I've never visited before. Periodically we talk about doing something cultural, like visiting the crazy new Frank Gehry/ Louis Vuitton Exhibition space, or checking in on the Impressionist paintings at l'Orangerie, but so far... we've mostly eaten a lot of lunches and visited a lot of playgrounds. (The best laid plans...)

In my defense, I have started taking french lessons again, so at least I'm doing something constructive (aka. ego-destroying) two mornings a week. : (

That said, I've got something in the works!! I've got grand plans to build an awesome trompe-l'oeil room divider to make our apartment a little more visitor friendly, as we've got more guests slated for the upcoming months, and we're thinking a little privacy might go a long way.

My plan is simple. Take a couple of panels of plywood. Connect them with a few hinges. Cover them in awesome trompe-l'oeil wall paper. Call it a day! Of course, my first step is to obsessively research trompe-l'oeil wallpaper to decide which one I want to use... Obviously I can devote weeks to this, but I'm trying to reign it in a little... particularly since I'm also operating on a pretty tight budget... (My thinking is that if I spend as much $$ on the screen as I could have on a hotel room for my visitors, I've really defeated the purpose....)

I'll keep you posted on my progress. I've narrowed down my wallpaper options to just a few, so now I've just got to pull the trigger! I promise I'll get to work on this pronto, so you've got something to read about...

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