Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Cornucopia of An Entirely Different Order...

John, Jules, and I seized the day early Sunday morning, and jumped on the metro out to the Marché Aux Puces at the Porte De Vanves... If you're familiar with Paris, you're probably familiar with the Marché Aux Puces, but people usually hit the Marché Aux Puces de Clignancourt, which has a well-earned reputation for being beautiful, wonderfully curated, and incredibly expensive. 

Believe it or not, as a firm believer in sweat-equity/someone without a lot of funds, I far prefer to rustle up my own "wonderfully curated" if I can dodge the "incredibly expensive" bullet, and Porte De Vanves is just the place to do it.

This morning, we dug through rows and rows of "antiques" and "collectibles", as well as miles of junk and crud, but came away resoundingly victorious and extremely pleased with our purchases. They're not all obvious acquisitions, but then, I'm not an obvious gal, so it seems only fitting that I'd come back from our trip to France with my very own to-scale paper maché potbellied-pig.

I also picked up a f#$%-ing gigantic brasilian spider in a frame, a lovely impressionist-esque oil painting, and this terrific "Lady Killer" ad-vert that is seemingly advertising something, though what, I'm not clear.

Lastly, we found 5 delightfully sweet (yes. I said delightfully sweet. Get over it.) little antique ramekin bowls that actually match these beautiful set of antique measuring cups I bought at a different "brocante"* when John and I came to Paris on our honeymoon in 2009. The fact that I found matching ramekins kind of blew my mind, though if I was going to be honest, it also made me question how unique the pattern could possibly be if I'd found measuring cups and bowls in the same style... Either way, they're lovely, so I think I'll focus on that instead... : )

*Brocante = Antique market/junkfest

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